Deer And Turkey Hunting Farm In Southeastern Iowa’s Big Buck Country


Located about 4 miles southwest of the small community of Mystic lays this outstanding deer and turkey hunting farm that is sure to be a producer of big bucks that this area is known for. This tract has great cover in the form of, timber, overgrown fields, weedy thickets, mature trees; just a super mix of habitat! The fields on this farm are all bottom land with good soils and currently not being utilized for crops and could easily be converted into tillable or make super nice big destination food sources. Food plots on this place will be amazing with the existing cover. Note: There would need to be a creek crossing put in to access the fields to the south, but could easily be done. The deer sign is great on this farm, there are trails everywhere; rubs and scrapes are abundant. Walnut Creek flows through the full length of the farm making an awesome travel corridor. This is a very nice hunting farm, so call today for more information!

Property Details

  • Farm located about 4 miles southwest of Mystic, 6 miles northwest of Centerville in the heart of big deer country
  • Property consists of timber, brush, and about 23 acres of fields that would make great food plots or could be farmed, good soils
  • Farm is accessed from gate entrance on the northwest corner of the property
  • Habitat on the farm is ideal for deer and turkeys and other wildlife
  • Walnut Creek flows through the full length of the farm, this creates an awesome travel corridor for deer
  • Beat down trails, scrapes, rubs are abundant on the farm, its obvious there are a lot of deer on this farm
  • The fields on the farm are currently just overgrown weedy thickets, could easily be mowed, and turned into awesome food plots surrounded by cover
  • Crop fields to the neighboring property to the east
  • There are several marketable walnut trees on this farm
  • Talk to listing agent for more information on additional property coming available soon

160th Road
Mystic, Iowa 52574