Income Producing CRP Farm With Trophy Whitetail History


This large income-producing property on the Skunk River is a wildlife paradise and holds deer, turkeys, pheasant, quail, waterfowl, small game, and predators. Additionally, the Skunk River provides fishing and boating opportunities. Cedar Creek also flows through the property and into the Skunk River on the east side. This is a major creek and would also provide fishing and trapping opportunities. There are 272 acres of CRP paying $55,513/year enrolled through 2033 and will provide a staggering $832,695 of income over the next 15 years. Additionally, there are 16 tillable acres that should provide around $3200/year of income. With an annual income of approximately $59,000 a year, this property will provide much more than recreational enjoyment. This property is very close to my old farm and it has produced some giant bucks over the years including a giant non-typical that a friend of mine killed that scored 239 5/8”. The Skunk River drainage has produced countless world-class bucks over the years, and this property should allow you to hunt those type bucks for years to come. If you’re looking for a larger farm with great income and a variety of recreational opportunities, you’ll want to look at this one. Call me with questions or to schedule a showing. 

Property Details

  • Located on the Skunk River 5 minutes west of Mt. Pleasant just south of HWY 34
  • Approximately $59,000 of annual income from CRP and tillable
  • Incredible deer hunting with turkeys, pheasant, quail, waterfowl, small game, and predators also on the property
  • There are 3 CRP contracts totaling 272 acres. These are all 15 year contracts that began Oct 1 of 2018 and will run through Sept 31, 2033. The annual payment is $55,513 so over the next 15 years, this CRP will produce $832,695 of annual income
  • There are 16 tillable acres on the north end of the property that are currently being farmed. This is high quality dirt with an average CSR2 of 71.7. This should provide around $200/acre or $3200/year cash rent in the current market
  • The majority of the CRP is “Wetlands CRP” which will consist of tall native grasses and wetland areas. This type cover provides incredible nesting and bedding for all types of wildlife. The wetland areas have been built and all of the seeding has just been completed by the current owner
  • This property is just upriver (2 miles) from my old farm and it has produced some giant bucks like mine did. I have some personal friends that have hunted this farm and one of them killed a 239 5/8”1646250” giant non-typical with double drop tines that was featured in North American Whitetail. My farm also produced a couple of bucks over 200” that were featured in North American Whitetail. Clearly this is a neighborhood that you can kill world class bucks in
  • Numerous slam dunk archery spots along the creeks and draws and if food was left on the north end, this could be a great late season food plot location
  • Access is from Clayton Avenue on the north end of the farm and there is a good road system with crossings all the way to the southwest corner of the property
  • Annual taxes are currently $6732/year but none of the timber is enrolled in forest reserve so taxes could be reduced by enrolling the timber in this program - call for details on this
  • This property is also going to be offered in 2 pieces; the small 60 acre piece on the east side of the road that borders the Skunk River and the west 375 acres will be offered separately; see these listings for details

Clayton Avenue, Lot #WP001
Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52364