Trophy Whitetail Hunting Property



It would be extremely difficult to find a property of this size with a higher percentage of exceptional whitetail habitat in this part of the State. Well over half of this farm consists of mature timber and brush with the remaining acres comprised of tall grasses, plum thickets, and cedars. This property has been managed for trophy deer over the past decade and there are several treestands and feeders in place that have proven to be successful. The seasonal creek bottom provides an incredible travel corridor for the local whitetail deer as several trails are beaten into the ground crisscrossing back and forth. This farm has a history of producing and holding 170+ inch whitetails, as evidenced by the extensive trail cam photo collection. A 2-acre clearing on the Southside of the farm is a magnet for mature bucks throughout the Fall. This area has an extensive amount of tree line that is typically littered with scrapes that are frequently visited by mature rutting bucks. The topography within the timber of this farm is very diverse allowing for undetected entrance to treestands. In addition to top-notch trophy whitetail hunting, this property has proven to be an excellent turkey hunting farm as well. This is without a doubt a dream property for an archery hunter who wants a proven deer and turkey hunting farm within 1 hour of Wichita! Contact land specialists for more info or to schedule a tour of the farm.

Property Details

  • Located 6 miles south of Arlington, Kansas at the corner of HWY 11 and W Sun City Road
  • 1 hour from Wichita, KS
  • Shown by appointment only
  • Incredible deer and turkey hunting property
  • Nearly 50 acres of trees along the seasonal creek bottom
  • Exceptional history of trophy whitetail deer…check out the trail cam photos
  • History of 170+ inch whitetail bucks
  • Good access to the property off of HWY 11
  • 2-acre clearing on the South end of the farm is a textbook archery setup with a few smaller trees throughout the center that are hotspots for mature buck scrapes in the Fall
  • Several treestands and multiple deer feeders in place. Stands and feeders will stay with the property
  • 15-acre opening on the East side of property is overgrown with tall plum thickets and cedars scattered throughout. Exceptional bedding cover and travel corridor for the local whitetail deer
  • Excellent turkey hunting

W Sun City Road, Lot #WP001
Arlington, Kansas 67514