Historical Grass Lake Wetland Basin in Western MN


Here is an excellent opportunity to get in on the front side of what already is a great hunting property that is set to be enhanced even further by the end of 2020.  Currently, the property is comprised of a large wetland basin and an existing open water area on the east side with some uplands on the west side.  I have seen not only sign but witnessed waterfowl, deer and on my initial evaluation, could have had my limit of roosters in less than an hour.  “Grass Lake” is a historical lakebed that was approximately nearly 1,200 acres in size.  The restoration project, which is being led by the county drainage authority, has been in the works for years and recently has had extensive work completed on confinement dams, ditch re-routes, and pond construction with the final control structure set to be installed in 2020.  The final restoration design plan will then restore just over 1,000 acres of wetland to a depth of 2 to 2 ½ feet.  Long term vegetation management is also a part of the plan, which will help maintain a “healthier” wetland area as a whole, which equates to being more attractive to waterfowl.  I’ve already witnessed ample waterfowl on some of the newly constructed pond areas that are a part of the project and it is only going to get better!  I spoke with the county drainage authority for the project face to face and discussed his thoughts on the planned enhancement will benefit this property specifically.  Keep in mind that it already has open water on it without an installed control structure so generally speaking, the plan is for the expansion of open water areas, bays and backwater pockets.  There is going to be a “killer” peninsula/island as well in the SW corner of the restored basin.  The drainage authority is more than willing to discuss any further project details/questions with anyone so I can get you in contact with him.  As part of this project, the majority of this property is enrolled in the state Reinvest in MN conservation easement. Still, there are approximately 4.5 to 5 acres that have been left out of the program where the access road comes in from the north, which is currently in alfalfa.  This would be a great area for a food plot or a place to park your camper or even possibly build a hunting shack.  Don’t be fooled, there will be enough “edge” habitat for early season roosters as well as great late season winter habitat to hold birds and one will still have opportunities at shooting deer as their numbers around this complex are great. Give me a call, I would love to talk about this property and the great opportunities it is going to provide in further detail!

Property Details

  • Opportunity for whitetails, waterfowl and pheasant
  • Part of an existing larger habitat rich wildlife area
  • Part of the “Grass Lake Restoration Project”
  • Final restoration planned for 2020
  • Approximately 1,000 overall acres of wetland restoration planned
  • Existing open water with more planned
  • Upland points and islands
  • Great areas for hunting blind construction
  • Existing access road in place
  • Approx. 4.5 to 5 acres of tillable

15th Ave SE
Willmar, Minnesota 56201