Game Rich Property With Proven Tract Record, Heavy Cover And Income



I've always said that I would hang a stand on a light pole in the WalMart parking lot if I thought I could kill a big buck there.  The reason I am mentioning this is because big deer live where big deer live, no matter what the property looks like to you and me.  Successful hunters understand that and consistently kill mature deer on property that is not aesthetically pleasing.  This is one of those properties.  Made up of approximately 50 acres of tillable, 20 +/- acres of woods and the rest low ground made up of willows, yellow grass and Tamarac, this property isn't really fun to look at.  What is fun to look at are the drone shots of the countless deer trails coming in and out of the low ground, the numerous deer beds on the humps next to the Tamarac, or in the willows, the many rubs and scrapes and the success photos and trail cam pics. This property has been producing top-end deer for years, and so has the surrounding area. Zone 241 is one of the best in the state, and Otter Tail County is arguably the best county in the state for big deer and lots of them.  Don't sleep on the turkey hunting either.  This property is sick with them.  We also flushed a handful of grouse walking the property. Priced at 1425/acre, this is a steal of a property if you are looking to see tons of deer, turkey, and grouse and have a legit chance at a good buck year in and year out.

Property Details

  • Located in NE Otter Tail County Blowers Township Zone 241
  • Game Rich Environment
  • Loaded with Deer and some Top End Deer to boot
  • Turkeys
  • Grouse
  • Bear
  • Tillable for income
  • Thick heavy cover
  • Willows, Tall Yellow Grasses, Tamarac
  • Enclosed stands included
  • Nice woods on the southern portion of the property
  • Long history of producing top end deer on this property and the surrounding properties
  • Good access
  • Buildable
  • Excellent price for Otter Tail county
  • Look at the drone pics to see the deer trails!!
  • Look at the trail cam and success photos!!

425th Street, Lot#WP001
Bluffton, Minnesota 56518