Minnesota River Valley Bucks, Turkeys and Waterfowl


If you’re like me, your curiosity is instantly peeked by simply hearing that there is a sizeable almost completely wooded property in the heart of the Minnesota River Valley, in thinking of not only great numbers of deer but mature bucks not to mention turkeys as well.  This property sits just south of Franklin and upon initially pulling the property up on my computer, I took instant notice of not only one, but what appeared to be multiple established food plots on the property as well as the extensive trail system.  Needless to say, I couldn’t get my boots on fast enough to get out and see this property with my own eyes!  Upon arriving at the property, I was instructed by the sellers to “Jump on the tailgate of the truck and we’ll go for a ride” and I was quickly impressed at how nice the trail system was maintained.  Upon pulling up to the first food plot…WOW is all I can say.  The crops were great (besides the tops of the beans being eaten off by deer), there were tracks all over and the seclusion was second to none.  This resonated with every food plot that we visited and I couldn’t help but visualize a mature buck standing in the middle of all of them.  The food plots themselves are spread throughout the property which you will see from looking at the aerial photos or clicking on the “Interactive Map” tab on the website.  They vary in size but total close to 5 acres with the largest plot being roughly 2 acres and best of all, they are all planted in corn and beans and ready for you to take advantage of.  Back to the trail system…again, it’s very well maintained and allows you a variety of routes to get to your favorite stand.  I was even back out to the property two days after 10 inches of rain fell in the area in probably less than a 3 hour period (Yes…10 inches of rain), and absolutely the trails were wet but I was basically able to drive my UTV all over the property without an issue and the river was still well within its banks.  There are 4 main permanent stands which 2 are fully enclosed that will stay with the property.  The wooded part itself is a great mix of some taller trees as well as areas of thicker willow which these areas are great bedding areas.  The sellers have also designated the W/NW approx. 30 acres of the property as a sanctuary and besides maybe the last day of muzzleloader push, have strictly stayed out of this area for years.  You again have to look at the interactive map for this property and take notice that obviously the river borders the property to the west.  Take notice then to the old historic river pond E/SE of the property.  Point being any buck coming from N of the property heading S. basically must funnel right through the property and vice versa.  The other nice thing about the property is whether you have a small group of people or large groups, it will accommodate about as many hunters as you can throw at it as there are locations where two individuals could literally sit 50 yds apart and not cover the same deer.  I want to move away from talking about deer hunting opportunities on the property as I could go on and on but let’s not forget about the ability to hunt big toms in the spring or if there is an interest in waterfowl, you can obviously hunt the river but there is also the historic oxbow pond in the middle of the property as well.  Interested in fishing?  Franklin is the Catfishing Capital of Minnesota so besides catfish, there is an abundance of other species in the river to fish much less some bowfishing opportunities again in the old oxbow.  To sum all this up, if you are looking for a truly turnkey hunting/recreational property in the heart of the MN River Valley, it is going to be hard-pressed to find one that is as dialed in as this one   

Property Details

  • MN River Valley large wooded parcel
  • Located just S. of Franklin
  • Extensive well-maintained trail system
  • Secluded food plots in key locations
  • Various food plots totaling approx. 5 acres
  • History of mature bucks
  • Multiple funnels and pinch points
  • Permanent Stands
  • High deer numbers for the area
  • Bonus turkey, waterfowl and fishing

Co Rd 5
Franklin, Minnesota 55333