Prime WRP Tract Near Grand Pass WMA In Missouri River Flyway


Waterfowl hunting along the Missouri River in the central part of the state is some of the best the Mississippi Flyway has to offer. This prime WRP tract is in close proximity to Grand Pass, one of MDC’s premier Waterfowl Management Areas. This corridor along the river is a stopping over point for millions of birds during their migration south. This WRP tract is situated on the north side of the Missouri River amongst endless acres of dry agriculture fields that ducks love. After gorging themselves in these fields they are always looking for a drink and with the ability to flood a large percentage of the tract this will surely be a place they will fly over and check out. The ability to flood all pools or each independently has great advantages. You can show a large volume of water or not expose all of your food to the birds at one time. Your choice! The property has been managed with care using a moist soil water drawdown technique, as the stand of natural annual smartweed is second to none. Both annual species are abundant. Great care was put into blind placement. As you know as the days get shorter the earth’s axis changes to making the sun come up at a different spot, no sun in your eyes in the early morning when the ducks buzz the blind. Do not sell the deer hunting short on this property! Perfect place for a rifle deer stand to catch a cruising mature buck out looking for does! An added benefit is the flood of 1993 created a “blowhole” that now is a great fishing pond that has several species of fish that naturally reproduce for those off-season adventures.

Property Details

  • Located along a beautiful stretch of the Missouri River less than 90 minutes from Kansas City
  • Water piped right to blind to help move water with freezing conditions
  • 3.9 Cummins/80HP motor on pull trailer w/torque flex axles to run well (recently overhauled at NAPA)
  • Water control structures in excellent condition
  • Potential to attract great numbers of waterfowl
  • Nice permanent blinds
  • Excellent location for trading waterfowl
  • Easily accessible by gravel roads from both north and east
  • Two small farming communities within 10 miles
  • Nice fishing pond with resident fish
  • Possible sleeper rifle deer hunting property
  • Levees surround property on all sides

CR 350, Lot 3WP001
Norborne, Missouri 64668