Wetlands Reserve Property With Extreme Waterfowl


 This Wetlands Reserve Program property has over 12 sloughs, ponds, and marsh! A property that words nor pictures can fully describe how good the NRCS has done with this place. The trails and water control structures have all been well maintained and the abundance of waterfowl, pigs, deer, and turkeys on the property are proof of how wildlife-rich this area is. This property is situated in between Deep Red Creek and East Cache Creek. The cover is made up of extremely tall grasses along with scattered small tree groves. One of the best aspects about the property is that there are 2 separate 1-acre tracts along the road that were not enrolled in the program and have no restrictions. It is priced to sell and from the looks of the place, I’m betting it goes quick!

Property Details

  • Wetlands reserve program
  • Easy access
  • Excess of water
  • Excellent hunting
  • Waterfowl hotspot
  • Wildlife rich area
  • Non-restricted parcels
  • 7 miles from Randlett
  • 30 miles from Lawton
  • 30 miles from Wichita Falls, TX

E192/N257, Lot #WP001
Randlett, Oklahoma 73562