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Christmas Gifts for The Deer Land Manager on Your List

A deer land manager’s to-do list and wish list is probably never completely checked off. We want to make our slab of hunting land is the best it can be. That takes time. It also takes equipment and knowledge. A gift that makes jobs easier, sweetens the hunting experience and teaches us about land management is what we all want. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the hunting land manager in your life. 

Hunterra MagnaMap Of Property

Every property owner knows the value of a map. But the MagnaMap from Hunterra takes mapping to a whole new level. The laser-cut sheet of American made steel is ready to lay out all stand, blind, food plot, feeder and game camera locations, making it a gift of utility.

But it’s also a gift of art. The vivid and maximum definition aerial photomap looks great on the wall. It’s literally a conversation piece as hunters gather around it to discuss hunting strategies. Order one here.


Most landowners are great hunters and gatherers. Some lack culinary skills though. Yes, it’s true. We may know how to prepare food for a deer, but couldn’t cook a tender venison roast to save our life. That’s where the CanCooker comes in. Throw recipe ingredients in the cooker, come back later and it’s ready to serve. And right now, this Special offer includes over $50 in Free Accessories.

Whitetail Properties American Land Magazine

American Land is the investment magazine for hunting, ranch, farm and timber properties, and a new resource for landowners and those who dream big. Within these pages we hope to enrich your experience as a landowner and manager with our feature stories and showcasing some of the finest hunting, ranch and farm properties currently available from Whitetail Properties. Subscribe today

Lone Wolf Tree Stand

Much like one can never have enough socks, the deer landowner can never have enough tree stands. Climbers, hang-ons, it doesn’t matter. We are not picky! But we do love Lone Wolf Tree Stands. We can’t afford not to use them. We know how solid, how safe and how quiet Lone Wolf products are, and there’s no way we'd take a chance on another brand. Check out their treestands here

Banks Outdoors Wild Water

There are three things a landowner who manages land for whitetails absolutely needs: food, cover and water. Food and cover are the easier of the three to provide. Water on the other hand is often times in the hands of Mother Nature. Not anymore though. Wild Water is a watering system for all the wildlife on a property. It provides a more consistent, cleaner, less evaporative water source that can be placed anywhere on the property.

QDMA Membership

There are many benefits of joining the Quality Deer Management Association. For landowners, it’s all about the knowledge of how to attract and hold more deer. QDMA’s cutting-edge information on food plots, bedding cover, habitat management, strategies to control fawn losses to predators is a useful tool no matter the size of the hunting property you are managing. Give the gift of QDM today!

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