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Rob Harrell

I am writing you today to not only share my experience with you, but to share the first of many memories that your team helped to create. Working with Shawn Kelley was absolutely fantastic. He and I began discussing what I was looking for roughly 2 years in advance. We always kept in constant communication as I told him it wasn’t about just finding just any property, but finding the right property.

As I continued the search for many months, I would send him properties that I thought might be a good fit and asked for his thoughts. Shawn was extremely responsive and always honest with his assessment. There were a few occasions where Shawn would actually make the long drive out the different properties for me, to save me a trip since he knew how busy my schedule was with work, two young kids in travel sports, etc. This was undoubtably going above and beyond what a normal real estate agent would do.

Shawn had scheduled a walk through with a potential client who was looking to sell their 40 acre parcel in Camden, MI. Shawn called me on his way down to let me know he might have a property that was in the realm of what I was looking for. Later that day I received a text message that simply said “Call me!”. Before I could even respond (loading up the car to go to my sons hockey practice) my phone was ringing. I answered and Shawn said “Sorry I couldn’t wait for you to see my text and I just had to call you”.

Well I am very glad he did because I was excited to hear that this property was the best 40 acres Shawn had ever seen. I was able to walk the property a few days later and couldn’t have agreed more with Shawn’s assessment.

Shawn helped me through the process of submitting my offer and he absolutely did everything in his power to ensure I was able to secure this property for the right price. My dream of owning my own land came to fruition and I owe a majority of that to Shawn.

My Father moved to Florida 10 years ago, but used to deer hunt when he lived in Michigan. He was a recreational hunter and never did get any opportunities at trophy deer. He usually struggled to bring home a doe when he leased a small farm in Northern Michigan decades ago. Well he flew up and stayed the entire week of the firearm opener and was able to shoot his first and second deer since 1986!!! That right there made everything worth while and having my dad

shoot the first deer on the farm is something I will never forget. Whitetail Properties helped to create that memory.

Thanks to Shawn and everyone at Whitetail Properties for helping to make my dream come true and create lifelong memories with my family. I would recommend Shawn to anyone looking to own their own slice of heaven.

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