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The Lacey Family

Derrick Lacey and his family had been scouring southern Indiana for that perfect piece of land, and Whitetail Properties was more than happy to offer the Lacey family some properties they might like. 

They were looking for a small getaway, and the six-acre tract we helped them find met their needs. Not every rural property sold has to be a big spread. And not every family looking to purchase rural property can afford a large tract. That's OK. Many buyers are surprised at the wide range of options available in the rural real estate market.

As for the Lacey family, they purchased the six-acre property and didn’t wait long to start making some really great improvements.

A week or so after the sale was finalized, the Laceys had already transformed a trailer into a livable space. It was connected to water and electricity, which ran in from the main road. They’d also created a trail system throughout the property and even put signs up, naming each one.

The Laceys have found the area to be very game-rich. On Indiana’s opening day of turkey season soon after the property was purchased, Derrick’s son Derrick Jr. went half a mile down the road to the Hoosier National Forest and bagged a fine gobbler.

They’d only had the property three months at that point. Goes to show that the wildlife numbers in southern Indiana are really strong. 

The moral of the story? If you’re looking to own a rural property, but don’t think it’s possible, you might be surprised. You can do a lot with a little. Plus, it never hurts to be adjacent to a big tract of public land. And, yes, that’s possible too.

Testimonial Stories

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