Why Whitetail Hunters Are Buying Land in Missouri

Why Whitetail Hunters Are Buying Land in Missouri

Outdoor Wildlife Attractions

There aren’t many parts of Missouri that will fail you when it comes to hunting whitetail. Thanks to enticing areas like the Arcadia Valley region, the Ozarks and the expansive, wildlife-rich Mark Twain National Forest, deer are drawn to the state. The 1.4 million acres of national forest is open to the public for hunting. It also boasts 350 miles of deer-attracting perennial streams where whitetails are just one of many varieties of wild game you’ll find. To name a few, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, woodcock, mourning doves, ducks, raccoon, bobcat, fox and coyote are all native to the state.

Rich Soil

Deer are drawn to the “amenities” of the forest. Land lined with persimmon and acorn trees as well as natural bodies of water attract and hold herds. That’s because the area has unusually rich soil, optimal for growing soybeans, which attracts deer like crazy. In fact, the state ranks sixth in the U.S. for annual soybean production. It’s no wonder why the last three years have produced a growing number of record-book bucks in Northern Missouri, above the Missouri River.

Simple Licenses

For many serious hunters in western states like Montana and Wyoming, drawing a tag/license is an undertaking. In Missouri, however, obtaining a big-game hunting license to hunt whitetail is simple. There’s even an app offered through the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), the MO Hunting app, in which hunters can purchase and directly download their license. You can also purchase online and print immediately if you like. Bottom line, Missouri makes it easy for you

Reasonably Priced Hunting Land for Sale

Even with the many natural resources and attractions in the state, Missouri land prices remain reasonable. Take this Jefferson County property for example – it’s just over 54 acres, ripe with timber, includes farmable fields, is an excellent hunting tract and has access to Lake Minnetonka. It’s listed at $85,020. Comparable properties in more competitive hunting regions of the country like Arkansas would be at least double that asking price. It’s no wonder why hunters are buying up land across the state of Missouri.

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