Historic Home Registered In Alabama Register Of Landmarks And Heritage


Located in the community of Keener, this tract of land stands out as a place of beauty and history. Below are a few words from the owner:

“The Old Keener house isn’t just a quaint farmhouse, it’s a home with history. Enter the side door and you’ll see clapboard on one wall that was once the exterior of the house. From the old tin can lids used to patch holes in walls and ceilings to the compartments built under the floors to hide valuables, to the “pass-through” to feed hobos off nearby trains, this house is brimming with history.   

The original house was a two-room house built by John T. Keener who died in a dual in the front yard in 1863. The Keener community was later renamed after his son, James Polk Keener. Incidentally, James Polk Keener was named after President James Polk who signed the land grants for the area reportedly because his father was so thrilled to get land through the settlement process. Previously, Cherokees populated the area until the Treaty of New Echota sent them westward on what became known as the Trail of Tears.  

 In 2010 the house was accepted to the prestigious Alabama Register of Landmarks & Heritage. If you are looking for a family retreat that all ages and generations of your family can enjoy, this is the place. In 160 years, only three families have owned this home and land. The future owner will be a caretaker of history and will be able to enjoy the house like it has been loved and appreciated for 160 years. You will especially love the front porch. Sitting, rocking or putting up a porch swing and listening to the birds and bugs is fun and relaxing, but when the mama turkey and her babies walk down the road…well, you just can’t beat that.”

Additional acreage is available, see map and ask for more details. If owning a piece of history sounds intriguing please give me a call to discuss more details or set up a private showing of this cozy farm.

Property Details

  • Historic home registered in Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage
  • Large yard
  • Mature hardwoods around the edge of the yard
  • Excellent access with paved road frontage
  • More acreage available (see Etowah 18 ac)
  • Driving distance approximate minutes: 0:20 Gadsden, 1:00 Birmingham, 1:25 Chattanooga, 2:00 Atlanta

2765 Little Wills Valley Road
Attalla, Alabama 35954