WRP Tract With Diverse Hunting Options For Sale In Eastern IL



This farm is located just east of West Union and has access off of E. 450th Road down a dirt farm lane. There’s a diversity of cover on the farm from open grasslands to areas with a lot of smaller trees. Both the north and south parts of the farm have large water retention areas. The north is around 3.5 acres and the south about 7.6 acres. With all the thick cover and two water retention, areas a guy could waterfowl hunt one and still have the other half of the farm to deer hunt later that afternoon if desired. One neat feature of this farm is the ditch system. You can sneak your way around most of the farm by getting in the series of ditches and navigate around the farm. There are several deer trails the meander around the farm with several rubs along them. A lot of the sign is along the south line of the property and the main ditch that runs northeast. This property is 100% WRP and sits just west of the Wabash River. The annual taxes are $273.00.

Property Details

  • 10 acres m/l of water retention area for waterfowl
  • Nice access off E 450th Rd
  • Within 30 minutes of Robinson and Marshall
  • Nice diversity of cover
  • Good area for deer, turkeys, and waterfowl
  • Nice access around the farm
  • Possible food plot potential in dry pond areas
  • First high ground west of the river
  • 100% WRP

E. 450th Road
West Union, Illinois 62477