Drifters Hunting Ranch On Dragoon Creek In KS



There are very few ranches in the Midwest that encompass the whitetail habitat you will find within the boundaries of Drifters Ranch in Eastern Kansas. Through years of strategically developed food plots, bedding areas, trails, staging areas, and stand sites this 2,030-acre ranch has everything you could possibly need to produce trophy class whitetail deer. Over 3 miles of Dragoon Creek flows through the ranch and along its way creates some of the finest deer hunting habitat in the region. Secluded areas of plum thickets, tall grass, and scattered cedars create some very definitive bedding areas within the heart of the ranch providing security for the resident deer and the ability for the landowner to build age structure within the herd and allow bucks to reach full maturity. In an area known for trophy whitetail genetics, Drifters Ranch has produced its fair share of wall hangers in recent years with multiple bucks pursued and harvested over 180”. To accomplish this type of success year after year it takes property with the perfect combination of food, cover, and water - as well as the perfect location. It is extremely difficult to harvest a Boone & Crockett caliber whitetail deer unless you hunt an area that is capable of producing one. One glance at the Kansas state record book will absolutely corroborate the quality of deer produced in this area over the years, as well as the trail cam photos and trophy room possessed by the owner. The 447 acres of fertile cropland on the ranch are commonly planted to corn and soybeans annually providing good income and incredible food sources for the wildlife. In addition to the crop fields, several acres of clover and brassica food plots are planted annually to provide additional food sources for the high population of whitetail deer on the ranch. Turkey and quail are prevalent on the ranch thanks to its excellent mix of native grasses and large roosting trees. Several ponds throughout the ranch provide additional water sources for the wildlife with the added bonus of great fishing and waterfowl hunting opportunities as well. Over 313 acres of CRP provide excellent grass cover and additional bedding areas for deer, as well as currently providing an extra $23,462 in income each year. Several tower blinds, ladder stands, and wildlife feeders can be found throughout the property creating a turnkey purchase opportunity and an easy transition into the ranch. The lodge and farmstead at Drifters are protected behind a gated security entrance and is accessed along a private rock driveway. The 2,160 square foot lodge perfectly complements and embraces the qualities of the land it sits on. Built in 2015, the lodge was constructed with the idea of enhancing the experience of time spent on the ranch. With its stained concrete floors, beautifully textured walls, limestone accents, and stunning vaulted wood ceilings the 3 bed/2 bath lodge has a modern rustic appearance, but the level of comfort that is second to none. Drifters Ranch offers an impeccable combination of world-class whitetail deer hunting with an accommodating lodge to top it off. The quality of the hunting habitat within the borders of Drifters cannot easily be replicated and the fertile cropland and CRP acres provide income return that is difficult to find on most recreational hunting farms of this caliber. For more information or to schedule a day to experience the incredible qualities of this one of a kind hunting ranch, contact land specialists.




Property Details

  • Located 2 miles southeast of Eskridge
  • 15 miles south of Interstate 70; 6 miles northwest of I-335
  • Dragoon Creek feeds through the center of the ranch for nearly 3 miles creating incredible wildlife habitat along its way
  • Specifically managed and developed for growing and holding trophy whitetail deer
  • Several acres of clover, brassica, and other wildlife specific food plots are planted on the ranch each year
  • Numerous tower blinds and treestands on the ranch
  • Multiple 2000# wildlife feeders
  • 11 ponds throughout the ranch
  • Incredible bedding cover with hundreds of acres of tall grass, brush, thickets, and scattered cedars
  • History of producing 180+” whitetails
  • 447.40 acres of excellent cropland normally planted to corn and soybeans each year
  • 313.28 acres currently enrolled in the CRP programs paying $23,462 annually. There are multiple CRP contracts on the property. Contact agents for more info
  • 2,160 square ft modern lodge (built in 2015) perfectly complements the ranch with its beautiful stone, granite, and wooden accents. Abundant with space to house several guests with its 3 bedrooms and 2 baths
  • Heavy timber, brush, and grass cover throughout the entire ranch creating a very high percentage of total hunting acres

16077 Old Polly Road, Lot #WP001
Eskridge, Kansas 66423