Prairie Pothole Waterfowl and More


If you are interested in a property that includes hunting waterfowl in the extreme western part of the state while having the added bonus of pheasants and deer as well, then this may be the property for you!  The property is located only 6 miles NE of Ortonville in a portion of the prairie pothole region that is very unique in that the surrounding landscape is dotted with larger shallow lakes and a variety of wetland basin complexes.  These then have a variety of upland nesting habitat and ag fields intermingled between.  This same mix of great waterfowl habitat continues on and on and covers a general area that is over 22,000 acres and this property lies in the heart of it all (there is an aerial photo of this overall area under the photo section).  This area is not only going to have early season birds but will have new birds flushing in as the season progresses.  The property itself has been restored through a U.S. Fish and Wildlife habitat easement as well as a state RIM easement and provides one very nice larger open water basin that is approx. 16 acres in size.  This basin is about as easily accessed as one can get with the ability to dump a boat in right off the road and great set up locations for any wind direction.  On the southern end of the property lies two smaller isolated open water basins that together add in approx. 1.5 acres of open water.  Both of these are like the rest of the area in having upland nesting cover wrapped around them.  As stated earlier, with the mix of upland habitat and wintering cover, the property will provide an opportunity at pheasants from early to late season.  Don’t let it fool you in regards to deer hunting either.  Again, habitat is the key and with the amount of it around the area and on this property, there will be opportunities are not only a deer but some larger bucks.  There is also a good amount of public land around if you want to expand your hunting area and let’s not forget about the fishing on Big Stone Lake.  Hard to beat a nice fall day mixed with a little hunting and then fishing.  There is a good amount of lodging in Ortonville itself or if you’re looking to buy an existing house/cabin or just a lot to build a hunting cabin on, we can help find that as well.  So, if battling others for the best spot on the lake or pond is ruining your waterfowl hunting experience or if you just want a nice affordable piece of hunting ground in an area that will provide year-round activities, give me a call and I’d love to discuss this property with you in greater details.

Property Details

  • Private waterfowl hunting
  • Approx. 16 acres of main open water basin
  • Additional smaller isolated open water basins
  • Located in over 22,000 acre waterfowl habitat area
  • Less than 10 miles to Ortonville
  • Early and late season birds
  • Added bonus of Pheasants and Deer
  • Lots of additional public land in the area
  • Fishing opportunities on Big Stone lake nearby
  • Loding/restaurants nearby

Co Rd 10, Lot#WP001
Ortonville, Minnesota 56278