Minnesota River Bottom Multi-Species Property Near Montevideo


If thoughts of hunting river valley bucks and waterfowl not to mention pheasants and possibly turkey is an interest to you, then you have to come to take a look at this fabulous property. Located just south of Montevideo, this property has over a mile of frontage on the MN River. The majority of the wooded part of the property runs along the river and there are multiple funnel/pinch point areas and any buck cruising along the river has no choice but to walk through the property. The main trail leads all the way back to the open grass area and back to the western portion of the property. The majority of the property is in the state RIM conservation easement program but under that, food plots are allowed and this existing open grass area would be a killer spot for some food plots. The northern part of the property is basically a backwater area of the river and when the water is higher or in wetter falls, provides a mix of open water pockets to hunt waterfowl much less the river itself. Don’t let this area of the property fool you when it comes to deer as well as during drier periods, the mix of willow, cattails, and taller grass makes a great bedding area. There is also a pocket of wooded land in the NW corner of the property that is a great staging area for deer that are utilizing the ag. fields to the N. This area is also a great cover for pheasants which again, this is the closest cover from the adjacent ag. Fields. There is also the old road that comes in from the N and runs down to the NW corner of the property. The property also includes an approx. 4-acre parcel just upriver from the main property that is adjacent to some state land and again is a great corridor for traveling bucks. Let’s not forget about the fishing from your own property on the river and I wouldn’t be surprised depending on the spring, to catch a turkey or two on the property as well. Make sure and take a look at the interactive map tab above the opening pic and just give a call as I’d love to discuss further details of this great MN River property.

Property Details

  • In the heart of the MN River Valley
  • Great wooded travel corridors
  • Funnels and pinch points
  • Over a mile of river frontage
  • Hundreds of acreages of surrounding habitat
  • Ability for food plots
  • Multiple stand locations
  • Hunt multiple species
  • Multiple lodging options minutes away

0 State Highway 212
Montevideo, Minnesota 56265