Beautiful Property With Variety Of Large Oaks In South Central MS



PRICE REDUCED!! Beautiful property with a variety of large oaks and other hardwoods mixed with giant turkey pines and loblolly. For the last 8 years, management has been to increase natural browse growth as well as food plots for holding and attracting wildlife. The Bahala creek courses its way through dense understory and huge acorn producing oaks creating picturesque areas for hunting or just enjoying nature. Year-round flowing creek and its tributaries make a perfect habitat for wood ducks. Ten wood duck nesting boxes are already in place. Trails, food plots , feeders and stands are ready to go. This is a property that is not only good but has the potential to be even better with the continued management of its resources. If You’ve been looking for a place to go off the grid, this is it, with a Beautiful cabin site nestled among some large hardwoods. Perfect for a weekend getaway, or year-round enjoyment.

Property Details

  • Beautiful property
  • Variety of large oaks
  • Flowing creek
  • Hunting potential
  • Abundant wildlife
  • Large whitetails have been harvested
  • Short drive to I-55
  • Old cut over
  • Just a few miles from Hazelhurst

South Sardis Road, Lot#WP01
Hazlehurst, Mississippi 39083