Bird Hunter’s Dream In South Central North Dakota


One of the most requested property types, when I’m talking to buyers, is “Something with ducks and pheasants, deer is a plus and a nice building site.” This property is exactly what I envision when I hear that description. With a couple of hundred acres of prime, lush, native grasses as well as the cattails in the lowlands,  you couldn’t ask for better pheasant and grouse habitat. The seller told me many stories about shooting limits of birds in very short walks over the years. The scattered ponds and sloughs hold great numbers of ducks.  My first visit to the property blessed me with seeing mallards, teal, pintail, and redhead.  There were geese both in the water and nesting in the cattails along the edge. Located in the heart of pothole country means this area will always have waterfowl. There was a surprising amount of deer sign as well. It seems to be an ideal place for that big buck to bed down and get away from the hunting pressure in the area. Again, the seller re-lived jumping several nice bucks on the property while they were hunting birds. There are approximately 34 acres of tillable ground in the Northeast corner with a Productivity Index average of around 60 and is the perfect size for renting, creating wildlife food and cover, farming it for your own income, or a combination of all of those. Make sure to save a couple of acres for a building site because the Northeast corner is the highest on the property and the views you will have from the back deck of a home, hunting cabin, or sitting outside of a camper as the sun sets on the horizon will not be matched. There are also approximately 43 acres of CRP in the Northwest corner for additional income.  It is set to expire in the fall of 2022 which will free up additional acres to do as you wish, or re-enroll and keep the payments coming.  The remaining 243 acres of grass and wetlands are currently enrolled in a Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP). Properties like this do not come around often, give me a call today to learn more.

Property Details

  • Ideal habitat
  • Perfect mix of recreation and Ag
  • Secluded and peaceful setting
  • Excellent building site
  • Great/easy access
  • Close to public hunting and fishing
  • About 4 miles to the Lehr Wildlife Management Area
  • About 5 miles to Lehr
  • 14 miles to Wishek
  • Close to 15 miles to Ashley

82nd Street SE
Lehr, North Dakota 58460