Duck And Buck Hunting Tract Near Lake Winnebago


PRICE REDUCED!! Check out this hard to find piece of property! This hunting tract has a great mixture of high ground and low ground. The owned driveway takes you back off the road a perfect distance to have all the privacy you need for camping and family activities. There is an established food plot bordering a thick pine and oak stand allowing for great thermal cover as well as a dry bedding source. This bedding area is bordered by two neighboring agriculture fields which provide a destination feeding zone and a natural draw for the deer back in the thickets. The property isn't just cattails and willows, there are two large oak islands which provide other high bedding areas as well as a great acorn crop. The established trails makes it easy to navigate and get back to other areas of the property easily. As with most properties, there are many places to enhance and create better habitat.  There is a nice native grass area which could support more trees to connect the pine thicket to the oak islands and funnel them right pass your treestand. You will find 1 box blind setup in a fantastic gun hunting spot with plenty of room for more. Due to the diversity of this tract, it hunts and feels much larger than what it is. This piece of ground could support a large group of hunters easily without overcrowding or pressuring the property. Another great aspect of this hunting tract is that it offers great waterfowl hunting.  There is an easily accessible pond complete with a duck blind ready to ambush the large waterfowl population in the area. Woodies, Mallards, Teal and more use the pond throughout the year and the wing shooting is unbelievable. If you are looking for a diverse piece of ground with unmatched deer and waterfowl hunting, this property is for you. Call today to witness the matted down trails, countless buck rubs, beds, and more. Ground in this county or location doesn't hit the market too often. Get off the bleachers and  get in the game!

Property Details

  • Perfect mix pines, food plots, cattails, willow thickets, river, oak islands, right next door to ag
  • Ponds
  • High deer density area with mature deer
  • Unbelievable waterfowl opportunities including a duck blind
  • Located in a large marsh surrounded by large agriculture fields
  • 2 oak islands with mature trees
  • Box blinds and treestands ready to hunt
  • Owned access driveway and private area for family activities and camping
  • Established food plot
  • 5 minutes from Lake Winnebago
  • A few miles off of Hwy 151
  • 15 minutes from Fond du Lac area
  • 60 minutes from Greater Milwaukee area

Kiel Road
Marytown, Wisconsin 53079