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How to Avoid Cabin Fever

It’s the dead of winter. You’ve been cooped up in the house for nearly two months, and depending on where you live, you might not even be halfway through the season. On those extra cold days, there may be no place like your favorite chair with a cozy blanket, but let’s face it: too much time indoors can make you stir crazy. While unpleasant wind chills are likely to limit your outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do to prevent cabin fever from setting in.

Learn A New Hobby

Instead of binge-watching another series on Netflix, take up a new hobby! Try painting or sketching, or read up on how to knit a blanket or a scarf. You can also learn some simple home skills to knock out some projects on your to-do list. By learning something new, you are not only keeping your mind active but also keeping the boredom at bay.

Get Cooking

Cooking can be a soothing activity that keeps you focused. If scrolling through the endless content on Pinterest makes you feel overwhelmed, break out that dusty cookbook in your cabinet that hasn’t been touched in who knows how long and pick a recipe that you’ve never tried before. Don’t have a cookbook? Take a recipe you make often and experiment by adding different spices or baking instead of frying. Not to mention cooking helps keep the house warm on those cold days!

Do Some Pre-Spring Cleaning

Why wait until the weather is enjoyable to tackle all that tidying up and de-cluttering? Get a headstart and clean out those closets while you’re cooped up in the house. It might be difficult to get motivated when it’s freezing outside and all you want to do is stay in bed, but just think about that extra time you can enjoy outside once it finally warms up.

Go For A Walk

If the walls are closing in on your and you’ve forgotten what fresh air smells like, grab some snow boots and step outside and take a short, brisk walk. Get your body moving and take in some of nature’s beauty. Just a little change in scenery will do more for your sanity than you might expect. So bundle up, grab some hot tea or coffee and step back out into the world.

Plan Ahead

If you find yourself craving those warmer months, start planning ways you can take advantage of them. Research where the best camping spots are for your annual Fourth of July trip or look up different national and state parks that you can hike in. Get a plan together for the garden of your dreams by outlining the plants you want and where they’ll go, or choose a few flowers or vegetables that can flourish indoors, such as tomatoes jasmine, and pretend you’re home in the outdoors. Planning and preparing for the months to come will keep you occupied and focused on the positive.

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