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The Holiday Gift Guide: Hunterra Maps

Holiday Gift Guide: Hunterra Maps

Every year we give and receive gifts that somehow make their way into a closet to collect dust just long enough for the guilt to reside so they can make their way to a yard sale. To some that have come to this realization, it takes away the meaning of Christmas. Whether you’re a landowner or have one close to you in your personal life, a map from Hunterra is a functional piece of art that will help improve hunting strategies for years to come.


If you own or lease land, you’re constantly trying to figure out how to make it better by thinking about where to plant food plots, create sanctuaries for wildlife and ultimately, how to hunt it. This is the pride of ownership and you hopefully appreciate and take care of the land that is in your control. Sometimes it’s a “thirty-thousand-foot view” that flips on a light bulb to implement a plant that will help improve the property.


Obviously we like to scout our deer hunting property throughout the summer and even some right after the season closes. With a topographical map hanging on the wall in the kitchen of your hunting lodge, you’ll have ample time to study the layout and discover little nooks that you know to hold big bucks. Then, you can make a plan on how to get into that ambush spot without being detected. This strategy is key to killing big bucks when tromping off through there on foot is not a smart play.

The Process

Ordering a map from Hunterra is super easy. When you visit their website, you’ll follow a step by step process to layout and create your personalized map. By combining the imagery of land cover and terrain structure under those features, Hunterra is able to portray the natural topography. Many of us prefer the MagnaMap, which is a rigid sheet of laser-cut (American made) steel. Simply hang it on the wall, then use magnets or dry-erase crayons to mark spots.

Simply mark your Hunterra map with magnets or dry-erase crayons.

Hunterra is currently having a 20% off sale that runs until December 4. No promo codes or coupons necessary. Simply visit their website, create your map, you’ll get to review a proof within a few days and finally it’ll arrive at your doorstep. It’s a fantastic gift that frankly doesn’t take much effort on the buyer’s behalf.


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