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What Sells Hunting Land?

We’ve talked about what to look for and what strategies to follow when purchasing a piece of property. Now, let’s look at ways to make your property more appealing when it’s time to sell. 


Many land buyers search for land that allows them to take part in recreational activities. Hunting, fishing, hiking, swimming and riding ATVs are all popular activities people like to do on their land. So when it comes time to sell, it’s important to make your land appealing for these activities. Clearing your land of junk and debris, cleaning up trails and making sure that hunting stand isn’t falling are ways to help your property stand out. 


We know you can’t change the location of your property, but you can change where you list it. Seclusion is the goal of many buyers, yet it’s comforting — especially for those with families — if there is a nearby small town where shopping for day-to-day essentials is possible. Proximity also matters to hunters. hunters. Wouldn’t it be better to drive an hour home from a hunt rather than a full day? When listing your property, post in locations and areas with these things in mind.


Hunters want to know what wildlife is on your property. Keep your feeders full and your game cameras charged. If mature bucks have been captured on your cameras, print them out and show them to interested buyers. Includes these images on your property listings as well. If a hunter can see the trophy bucks on your land, interest in buying goes up.


Does your property have access to a nearby road? If it does, will the potential buyer be responsible for maintaining it? Is the driveway gravel or paved? These are questions to think about when selling your land. No matter how appealing the property may be, if it’s difficult to get to, it won’t sell easily. Do what’s necessary to make access easy for potential buyers. Consider adding loose gravel to your driveway or access road. This single investment could make all the difference. 


A potential buyer who likes to fish is most likely on the lookout for land that has a pond or access to streams or lakes. If your land already has a pond, then great. But if not, consider adding one. It may seem like a task that is out of reach, but building a fish pond is doable and drastically changes the value and lure of a property. We highlight the process in a blog post here. 

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