Saline River Trophy Whitetail Property In KS


The Saline River in Northwest Kansas has produced some of the largest whitetail bucks ever harvested in the State of Kansas. More specifically - the stretch of the Saline River that flows through Ellis County KS has been a trophy whitetail factory over the last decade with several Boone and Crockett caliber deer harvested along the banks of the Saline. So what makes this area such a trophy whitetail factory? The perfect recipe. Mature timbered river bottoms flowing with clear spring water and abundant with cover. Fertile crop fields that can grow a variety of crops including milo, corn, wheat, alfalfa, and soybeans. The landscape bordering the river for much of its way features soaring bluffs of native grassland with deep timbered cuts and canyons providing the seclusion whitetail deer desire for a hideaway spot when the pressure is on. The diversity of terrain in this region allows the genetically inclined whitetail bucks roaming its landscape to reach full maturity.

This quarter section has many of the attributes listed above and is located in a neighborhood of land managers who all have the same goal – growing big deer! One-half mile of the Saline River flows through this property providing excellent cover along its way and is nothing short of a superhighway for deer traffic. Hundreds of tall mature cottonwoods line the riverbed providing good treestand setups on both sides of the Saline. Some areas along the Eastern edge feature large spreads of tall plum thickets which inevitably serve as thick bedding areas for the deer. Within the Southeast portion of the farm, an additional stretch of timber extends Northerly into the tillable land creating a natural funnel of cropland between the river and the extra arm of mature timber. This nearly 400-yard funnel creates an extensive amount of edge and is a dream setup for bowhunting the hidden crop field during the Fall months with setups for nearly any wind direction. With over 126 acres of cropland, this farm has plenty of groceries to hold and attract a high population of deer while also providing a good income source from the property.  

In addition to premier whitetail hunting, this stretch of the Saline River has historically proven to have some of the best Rio Grande turkey hunting in the State as well. Several toms are commonly seen strutting in the crop fields during Spring turkey season and multiple large flocks typically winter on and near this property every year.

You better jump on this opportunity while it lasts because Saline River hunting farms in this area rarely ever hit the open market. Contact the Whitetail Properties land specialists today to schedule your tour of this incredible hunting farm!

Property Details

  • Located 12 miles NW of Hays, KS on Riverview Road
  • 1/2 mile of trophy whitetail hunting along the Saline River
  • Mature timber and excellent deer habitat along the riverbed
  • Boone and Crockett caliber whitetail area
  • 126.29 acres of fertile cropland featuring Class I and II soils
  • Excellent turkey hunting
  • Incredible property for the archery deer hunter
  • Hays, Kansas features several options for hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, retail, fuel, etc. This property is only 12 miles from Interstate 70 and the Hays Regional Airport
  • 4.5 hours from Denver, CO; 3.5 hours from Kansas City

Riverview Road, Lot #WP004
Ellis, Kansas 67637