The Perfect Small Acreage Bowhunting Property In Kansas


The majority of the time my opinion of a hunting property is based on gut instinct and first impression. While it’s great to have a thorough hunting history from a farm, more times than not I rely on the land itself to speak its own truths about the wildlife that have spent their time there and the quality of the hunting opportunities it has to offer. My first time through this gem of a property was directly after this past deer season. At first sight my impression of the property was off the charts. It was very evident it has everything needed to attract and hold several deer throughout all seasons of the year with its tall warm season grasses, hundreds of locust, cedar and cottonwood trees, a steady flow of water streaming through the creek bed, and a good percentage of cropland acres to recruit whitetail deer, turkeys, and upland birds. Many farms can pass the eye test for habitat and hunting potential, but very few have the actual deer sign needed to truly back it up. The very heart of this property tells the rest of the story. The fertile dirt on both sides of the creek bottom is pounded with deer trails crisscrossing throughout. Long stretches of locust trees have been shredded by mature bucks and the large doe bedding areas matted down in the warm grass explain why mature bucks are drawn to this hotspot. The “huntability” of a farm is equally as important as good habitat and deer sign. Poor access and entry/exit routes to treestands can quickly shut down the success rate on even the best of the best hunting farms. Sensible access to treestands along the edges while avoiding major bedding areas is always the #1 goal and this property has the right layout to accomplish this. Tree lines on both the North and South ends of the farm allow for simple and undetected access to treestands while leaving the center bedding area of the property unpressured. This farm is literally a bowhunter’s dream while also being just the right size for early muzzleloader or late rifle season hunting. If you have been dreaming of your very own slice of Kansas whitetail heaven then contact me as soon possible to schedule a guided tour of this incredible farm. 

Property Details

  • Only ½ mile south of HWY 4 and Brownell
  • Creek bottom winds nearly ½ mile North to South through the length of the property
  • Excellent tree cover and tall grass provide incredible habitat for whitetail deer
  • Food plots will be planted in the Spring. Over 18 acres of tillable land with great soils
  • Good variety of tree species on the property – cottonwoods, locust, and cedars to name a few
  • Large cottonwood trees on the property make perfect turkey roosts
  • Incredible deer sign throughout the property. Numerous deer trails are hammered into the dirt and several locust trees are deeply scarred with rubs
  • The grass in the center of the property is matted down with deer beds as several deer live on this property year-round
  • Water running through the creek bed
  • Property is surrounded by cropland
  • Good access along a well-maintained gravel road
  • Gated entrance
  • Several excellent treestand locations throughout the property
  • Only 15 minutes from Cedar Bluff State Park. Rental cabins available for lodging during hunting season
  • 40 miles from Hays; 5 hours from Denver, CO

N Aa Road, Lot #WP001
Brownell, Kansas 67521